About us... Established in 2014, EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD (1157372-D) was formerly known as CHENG LIT SERVICES SDN BHD. The company is one of the outstanding logistic company that focuses on shipping services like LCL (less than container load) and FCL( full container load) from China to Malaysia. The mission of EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD is to provide specialized, effective and excellence one stop solution for logistic services to customers. EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD had years of experience in handling LCL. The company's ware houses in China and Malaysia have a capacity of 20,000 sqft. This contributes to a smooth LCL logistic process to customers. We employs more than 30 experienced staffs, that follows up and through in order to deliver excellent service to valued customers. The company is always ready to provide customization services based on customers specific requirements.
WHY EGE Logistic? The company is now servicing more than 200 customers in various industries like footwear wholesale, car accessories wholesale, garments wholesale, toys wholesale and etc... EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD is highly reliable in providing one stop solution logistic services with transparency in costing, without further hidden charges. EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD is also always ensuring the company stays competitive in the market by enhancing the logistic system from time to time. The company stays innovative by providing a customized tracking system from the time the goods are received in China ware house up to the customer扴 door steps. All these allow EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD to consis tently deliver, no matter big or small the goods are.
关于我们... EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD(1157372-D)成立于2014年,之前名为CHENG LIT SERVICES SDN BHD是一家优秀的物流公司之一,专注于从中国到马来西亚的LCL (小于集装箱装载)和FCL整箱(满载集装箱)等航运服务。 EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD的使命是为客户提供专业,有效和卓越的一站式物流服务 解决方案。我们在处理拼箱方面拥有多年经验。该公司在中国和马来西亚的仓库容 量为20,000平方英尺。这有助于为客户提供顺畅的LCL物流流程。我们拥有30多名 经验丰富的员工,随时为您提供优质服务。该公司随时准备根据客户的具体要求提 供定制服务。
为什么选择EGE物流? 该公司现在为各种行业的200多个客户提供服务,如鞋类批发,汽车配件批发,服 装批发,玩具批发等...... EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD在提供一站式解决方案物流服务方面非常可靠,具有透明 的成本核算,无需进一步隐藏费用。 EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD也始终通过不断增强物流系统来确保公司在市场上保持竞 争力。从中国仓库收到货物到客户的门阶,提供定制的跟踪系统,使公司保持创新 。所有这些都使得EGE LOGISTIC SDN BHD能够始终如一地提供,无论商品大小。
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